Could white bread be as healthy as brown bread for some peopleWe have been listening that brown bread is far better than white bread from many years. But a new study has found that this cannot hold true for every individual. Different types of bread may have different effects on the welfare of human being. The new study suggests that white bread could prove healthy for some people. Researchers conducted a survey where they took a trial of 20 healthy people from Israel by comparing differences in how processed white bread and artisanal whole wheat sourdough affect the blood sugar levels, fat levels and mineral levels of the human body. Out of them, 11 were female.

They were asked to eat white bread for a week and artisanal sourdough-leavened whole wheat bread in the next week. They ate bread alone in the morning and rest of the day were allowed to eat bread with butter. They lost the interest of eating anything else beginning the night before and two hours after eating the bread. Doing exercise was also not allowed two hours after eating. The results were surprising. They found that some people did not have a bad glycemic response to white bread.

Study author, Eran Segal, from the Weitzman Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel said, “When glycemic responses are considered, different people respond differently to even the same meal.” “White bread sometimes proves bad for some people so they should avoid it completely while for others it might be beneficial. There is not much difference between the effects of two types of bread among the parameters we have measured”, he further added.

According to another co-author, Professor Eran Segal who belongs to the same institute, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ diets that is given to the entire population are actually not suitable for everyone because different people react differently even to the same type of foods. The gut microbiome could give us a hint why people respond differently to different pieces of bread. Research says people who eat whole grains such as whole grain bread, cereals, brown rice, and crackers have increased the risk of type 2 diabetes along with heart disease, inflammation, certain types of cancer and obesity.

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