Twitter fans would get benefit of live videos 24 hours a dayTwitter COO and CFO Anthony Noto announced that they will be streaming a live video that would cover news, sports and entertainment 24 hours a day and seven days a week i.e. for 365 days. The exact date when the broadcast will start is still not known. The company would take some time to reach up to the specified points. It is still working on a selection of programs that has to be broadcasted on Twitter. “We are working on many, many things to be shown at next week’s NewFronts. There’s a lot in the pipeline”, said Noto.

Usually, people buy the products after watching the advertisements they see during their favorite shows. Twitter would be attending an event where many media companies and brand advertisers will be showing their programming to advertisers. Twitter will also introduce some of its new shows at this event.

We have done a partnership with Vizeum and Dentsu Network that will uncover the full spectrum of TV fans on Twitter and discloses the way fan interact with their favorite shows on Twitter. Noto said, “Focus in on it when you hear something that’s of interest, but then maybe not be 100 percent focused on it when it’s not of interest.” He further added, “I did that myself during the debates. Broadcasts of this kind are already appearing on Twitter, including sports highlights and news talk shows.”

Noto did not disclose the entire plans of Twitter. Soon Twitter games will be moved to Amazon’s platform after a year of last’s season’s streaming rights. This would approximately cost $50 million.  The combined effect of TVxTwitter has paved a way to recall the ad instead of campaigns used promote tweets on Twitter. This would give the opportunity to media companies and brand advertisers to cope up with fans on Twitter.

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