Russian rocket catches deadly fire - See what happened nextThe cargo ship launched along with the rocket towards the International Space Station on June 14 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan caught fire due to falling fragments on Kazakhstan’s steppes. One person died, leaving another one injured who were trying to extinguish the fire. The craft deployed its solar arrays and began its long series of orbits to meet with the space station.

The ship caught fire 375 miles away from the launch site falling back the rocket’s first discarded stage. The injured person having heavy burns was immediately hospitalized. The booster rocket hit the ground 20 kilometers from the village of Talap were residents of that village fought against the fire to prevent it from spreading. One good thing among all this was the part of the rocket that fell to Earth did not contain any toxic substances. All of them tried their level best to extinguish the fire and were successful in the morning on June 15.

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency reported this news in Russian News Agency TASS. The officials from Roscosmos said, “Due to difficult weather conditions in the drop zone, a steppe fire emerged in a desolate location. There is no threat to the population. The fire has been localized.” Both the respondents, one who was killed and another one who was injured worked for the Russian firm NPO Mashinostroyenia that maintains the drop zone.

The Progress spacecraft was carrying almost 1,940 pounds of propellant with more than 100 pounds of compressed oxygen and air and 926 pounds of water and 3,069 pounds of spare parts, team supplies and other equipment including food rotation containers and selection of fresh produce and other supplies to the space station crew. The craft is scheduled to dock on June 16 at around 7.42 a.m. EDT.

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