Google makes changes in its search engine feature to tackle fake news and hate speechThe volume of fake news, low quality, offensive, misleading and false information is increasing day by day. To keep this in control Google has decided to make changes in its search engine feature. The google update named “Project Owl” allows users to report the problems that they may face in their search results. It has hired a team of engineers to prepare an algorithm that could give more reliable results. The biggest modification the Google’s signature search engine will make is the auto-complete predictions feature where the search engine will suggest options to complete your query.

Ben Gomes, vice president of engineering said, “We’re taking the next step towards continuing to surface more high-quality content from the web.” He further added saying, “This includes enhancements in Search ranking, direct feedback feature to users and greater transparency around how Search works.” It has provided a line and when you click on that line, a box pops up which lets the user tell Google the guesses are hateful or violent. And if the boxes contain erroneous information users can directly tell the company to give feedback about the usefulness of the information.

Another big change coming to Google would be that the search engine will start concentrating more on “more authoritative” information. “These new feedback mechanisms include various clearly labeled categories so you can inform us directly if you find critical or unhelpful content. These feedbacks would be helpful to us in improving our algorithms”, Gomes added.

At the time of the election, psychologist Robert Epstein generated a report that says Google was making changes in the search bar predictions related to Hillary Clinton to get rid of the negative terms that appeared. UK Home Affairs Select Committee appealed that the company was responding too “soft” on “hate speech”. In March, hundreds of major advertisers withdrew from Google’s platforms, citing the fact that their advertisements were appearing on “offensive” content.

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