Scared of the dentist? Here comes a surprising solution

Scared of the dentist Here comes a surprising solutionDental pain is the most severe pain for some of the dental patients. So, to get rid of this pain here comes a surprising solution, researchers have revealed. A new study was conducted including 80 participants. They found that calming nature scenes of beach conveyed via virtual reality reduced fear and pain in those participants. Patients have to go through lengthy procedures such as fillings and tooth extractions with distractions of a walk on the sand improves the overall experience of the patient.

Researchers from Plymouth, Birmingham and Exeter University found that a VR walk through a virtual city will decrease the pain to a maximum extent. Walking in the cool breezes of natural environments and marine environments could reduce stress and anxiety. The participants who suffered from the cavity or dreaded tooth were separated out into three groups. One group who explored a virtual beach, the second group who explored a virtual city and third unlucky group who were just asked to stare at the ceiling throughout.

They were surveyed on their experience both immediately after the procedure and several days later – and researchers reported that those who had access to the virtual beach had an expressively better experience than those who just had to stare at the ceiling. Further research will now have to be conducted to see if the technology will have a wider impact.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Karin Tanja-Dijkstra said, “Using virtual reality in health care is more in demand. But we still need to work more on getting more evidence. Our research would most probably help both patients and practitioners.” Those who experienced the standard usual care did not gain any benefits. Co-author from the University of Exeter, Dr. Mathew White said, “Our recent study claims that people are happiest and most relaxed when they are at the seaside. So, it seemed only natural to investigate whether we could ‘bottle’ this experience and use it to help people in potentially stressful healthcare contexts.”


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