Parents arrested after police found baby with nearly 100 rat bites

Parents arrested after police found baby with nearly 100 rat bitesPolice arrested a couple in Magnolia, Arkansas after they found a baby injured by 75 to 100 rodent rats on Sunday. The two were Erica Shyrock and Charles Elliot both 19-year-old. The baby girl was taken to the emergency room of Magnolia Regional Medical Center for treatment after the bites. A nurse at the hospital said the baby girl weighed just 5 lbs. After the medical examination, it was revealed that she faced 100 severe bites. Reconstructive surgery needs to be carried out on arms, fingers, hands and face of the baby.

Regina Barton, baby’s paternal grandmother said Charles informed her about the mice bite. Baby’s father said he was afraid the child would be taken away if he took the baby to the hospital. Police then started inquiring Erica and Charles. Erica put the baby to sleep around 5.30 am in morning and heard the screams of the baby two hours later. She admitted that her baby was covered with blood and Elliot saw bloody rat prints in the crib.

Both the parents admitted there were rats in their property but they ignored to address the rodent problem. At present, both Shyrock and Elliott are kept at Columbia County Justice and Detention Facility without any bond and charged with jeopardizing the well-being of the baby in the first degree. According to the Columbia County deputy prosecuting attorney, the new charges of permitting abuse of a minor with serious physical injury will be filed against the pair.

Police after investigating the house found the bassinet with bloody rat footprints, a baby’s hat and the blanket was soaked in blood and there were rodent droppings on the bedside table. On Monday, the baby had the facial reconstruction for repairmen of her forehead injury. The injuries were so severe that the bites would have taken hours and the baby would have been in distress during the time.

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