Kids could now fight against hackers with the help of Google’s new program

Kids could now fight against hackers with the help of Google's new programSchool children will now get benefited with Google’s new educational program. Google will teach kids how to fight against hackers, phishing, internet harassment along with handling passwords and internet safety issues. With the help of teachers and YouTube videographers, the new program was made that includes classroom curriculum and video game called as Interland. This session would allow people to share limited information with other people online and avoid negative and aggressive behavior online. It includes a “Be Internet Awesome Pledge” that students can sign.

Various modules are involved in this program. The “Share with Care” module enables students to look at a made-up social media profile and cross out information that an employer, parent or future self might look poorly upon. Next module is “Don’t Fall for Fake”. This module finds out whether web pages and emails look real or fake. And the final module, “It’s Cool to be Kind” helps children to avoid responding or reacting to hurtful messages, as well as block and report bullies.

Interland is a video game that seems less like a training tool and more like a sweetener that would find interesting to the students. For example, in “Mindful Mountain”, it turns the process of sharing of a particular post with valid people into a spatial puzzle. Players could endorse positivity in the gaming platform by showing friendly emotions and clicking on the block button to trap trolls.

As someone who’s not a trained educator, we can’t say something regarding this curriculum.  Usually everyone remains little cautious about phishing, but still, there are anti-bullying programs such as “Cool to be Kind” is a subpart that varies in effectiveness. Although these programs could prove effective for students to get the basic knowledge of the internet, we don’t know how well it will interpret into the real-world usage of social media.


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