Google Maps For Android And iOS Can Assist You To Locate Where You Have Parked Your Car

Gone are the days where you have to move around a parking area to locate exactly where you have lost your car. Google Maps are becoming smarter and they already know where you have parked your car. This is possible due to the latest navigation feature that makes locating things easier.

The “Save You Parking” feature was launched by the company in the month of March, but very soon it was removed abruptly. Google said that the feature was still in the developmental stage and will arrive soon for Google Maps.
On April 25, Google revealed that the feature has started rolling out to all iOS and Android users. Hence, the Google Maps can now remember where you have parked the car once you reach the destination. The Google Maps feature can now save the exact parking location of the user and provide the parking details whenever required. The working of this app is different for iOS and Android users.

Google Maps for Android users

The Android users just need to click on the blue dot after parking the vehicle and then click on “Save Your Parking” in order to add your parking location to the maps. Here you can also set a reminder to pay the parking meter and capture the photograph of your parking space, share the car’s location with your friends or relatives or just write down the parking notes.

Google Maps for iOS users

For iOS users, the task of saving your parking spot is easier. For instance, if your iPhone is connected to the car through USB or Bluetooth, the Google Maps can automatically set the parking spot once the phone is disconnected from the car. Hence this eradicates the necessity of manually entering the parking location which is seen in Android devices.

Google have also rolled out this new feature for the older versions of the Google Now app for android devices. But, this feature works using GPS tracking and some algorithms, hence the new Google Maps feature is more useful and user-friendly.

Android and iOS users need to download the updated version of Google Maps app to enjoy the new navigation feature.

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