Although Apple has updated the MacBook Air, you still should not buy it

Although Apple has updated the MacBook Air, you still should not buy itOn Monday, Apple said it will announce its updated MacBook Air laptop earlier next month during its annual developer conference, known as WWDC conference. Hence, it has suggested customers not to buy new MacBook right now if they wish to. The updated MacBook will run on 1.8 GHz processor that previously started with 1.6 GHz. So, the new one will be a bit faster than previous.

Kaby Lake, the seventh-generation processor did not make a huge difference in Intel core processor chips but it made a huge change from what the MacBook Air is using.  In newly updated chips of MacBook and MacBook Pro you would see faster, stronger and longer battery life out of them. Apple did not get chips in time while launching MacBook Pro with Touch Bar that was launched back in October. The reason why you shouldn’t buy it now is that once you purchase it you cannot upgrade the processor.  The constraint that Apple puts on every Mac laptop could also be helpless.

Simultaneously, Apple is also updating its smaller and slimmer MacBook laptops with latest processors. So, this is another reason why you should not buy it now. The newly updated MacBook Air laptop will serve you with more additional ports such as full-size USB and an SD card slot that is today’s requirement. Mac is well-known for its quality; hence MacBook Air will obviously be more stunning. Air would be the only model that will be available below $1,000.

MacBook Air has a thin keyboard with excellent trackpads. It costs pretty decent at $1,999 for 256 GB of internal storage. It is still a suspense what exact changes Apple is going to do to its laptops but we are damn sure that it would bring fresh and amazing models very soon to the market.

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